What clients say about us…

Mel and Tomorrow People have assisted with various website design and development across a variety of very different brands in our portfolio. Ranging from nightclub, to restaurant to old-school pub. Mel’s understanding of the brand has ensured it comes to life through the collateral. Always willing to help with the most difficult of projects and always meeting tight deadlines. Mel has been heavily involved with the continued development of many of our 22 brands. Specifically, her ability to advise on art direction and brand identity and build cutting-edge websites has led to the overall brand development and an increase in profits for many of our venues.
— Emma Crameri, Riversdale Group Marketing Co-ordinator
It is my pleasure to be able to refer prospective clients to design company Tomorrow People. In my long, long association with the Hospitality industry, Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants, I have never come across a more savvy individual as Melanie Topham at Tomorrow People. 

She has the uncanny knack of asking the right questions, formulating those answers, and moulding that into a holistic presentation of unique ideas, to create a theatre of ambiance for every space. 

Her attention to detail is second to none, where she puts every piece of the theming jigsaw together, with a minimum of fuss to provide an outstanding product every time. 
An absolute pleasure to work with. 
— Bob Tate , The Bay Hotel & Diner (Owner) and Hospitality Consultant

I have worked with Mel at Tomorrow People for some time now and that’s because she simply gets it and makes life easy. She understands how design, concept, food and basically everything all needs to tie back to the branding. In a world where great food and drinks is a given, branding is an area that we are noticing is becoming more and more important to stand out from the crowd and thats what Tomorrow people do so well.
— Paul Schulte, The Service, Director
Our experience with Mel at TomorrowPeople has been fantastic. The designs are always on brief, modern and adaptable. Her prompt service, helpful attitude and regular updates have made each of our projects successful and we highly recommend TomorrowPeople, especially for the agricultural industry which we share a passion for.
— Melanie Manfield, Sanger Meats, Content Marketing Manager

We have been working with Tomorrow People for over five years now and in that time we have always been impressed with their attention to detail and quality of work, and their understanding of our brand.

 It is hard to find creativity and efficiency in one package and we are happy to say that we have found that with Melanie and the team at Tomorrow People.
— Catherine Nguyen, Simmone Logue Fine Food Company (Sales & Marketing Manager)
We are extremely happy with the work that Tomorrow People has done for our brand and website design! We love it! Floreat takes pride in showcasing it’s unique style on it’s website. In almost all enquiries Floreat receives in relation to weddings, customers make a point of saying they loved Floreat’s website, and that they have approached Floreat because of the style that is demonstrated on their website.

Since rebranding and updating our site, Floreat’s overall income doubled in the last financial year. In particular, Floreat showcases it’s wedding work on it’s website. Floreat’s income from weddings increased by 65% in the last financial year.

We launched our online store in February 2014. Since then, it’s income from flower delivery has almost tripled!
— Jane Lampe, Floreat Floral (Owner)

We approached Tomorrowpeople after receiving a recommendation from another hospitality group commending them on their quality of work.  We started working with Tomorrowpeople in 2014 to bring our menu design up a level and have since started working on a complete rebranding project for our entire group of Hotels.  

Our venue staff and customers have all noticed the improvement in the quality of work we’re distributing and we’ve been receiving a lot of positive feedback.  Melanie has been a dream to work with and manages to deliver every time regardless of how challenging the project and the deadline. 
— Kelly Seagrave, Lantern Hotels Group (Group Marketing Manager)
Mel is an absolute pleasure to work with. We require several creative designs for our clients often and she is our go to person for art direction and production, purely based on the quality and promptness of her work. We know we can always rely on Tomorrow People to understand the vision of the campaigns and help us achieve the look we want. I personally also value the patience and human element Tomorrow People bring to working with us and the inevitable hiccups that arise in any project
— Mez Gallifuoco, Awaken Media, Digital Planner

We could not be happier with our new website – thanks to Mel and the team at Tomorrow people. It was a great experience getting the website built and designed, they made it so easy! 

Unique aspects of our venue were incorporated into the site with extra design efforts from the team. The results couldn’t be better – the website looks and feels like us, it’s warm, friendly and inviting. Even better is how easy the website is to manage - updating menus adding events and other information could not be easier, and because of this guests are always able to get information that’s up to date.
— Megan Falconer, 465 The Avenue, General Manager